2021 Articles
Volume 3 Issue 1


Ayahuasca Tea in the United States: Why and how?

LJ Standish ND, PhD; Juan Giménez PhD; and Victoria G Hale, PhD

Volume 3 Issue 1


Ayahuasca Tea is available through numerous venues. We are developing traditional Ayahuasca Tea for the group treatment of several mental health indications, including major depression, anxiety, addiction, PTSD, and unresolved grief (U.S. FDA path). We are engaging with Amazonian traditional Ayahuasceros and shamans to learn how best to develop this medicine with respect for indigenous healing rituals. Our research group has chosen to develop traditional Ayahuasca Tea—as opposed to synthesized alkaloids, or what is known as "pharmahuasca." Challenges inherent in botanical drug development as well as historical, cultural, and legal issues are discussed. The concept of reciprocity is introduced, and the Ayahuasca Tea reciprocity imperative is discussed.



LS, JG, and VH are employees of Sacred Medicines, a mission-driven Delaware Public Benefit Corporation