2021 Articles
Volume 3 Issue 3


Practical and Ethical Considerations for Psychedelic Therapy and Integration Practices

Ismail Lourido Ali, J.D., Geoff Bathje, Ph.D., Roxanne R. Hallisey, B.S., Leslie Booher, J.D., M.B.A., Brooke Novick, L.M.F.T., Allison Feduccia, Ph.D.

Volume 3 Issue 3


While psychedelic-assisted therapies are currently being studied for several indications in clinical trials, there is legal and ethical ambiguity for mental health professionals concerning these compounds. Seventy-six mental health professionals completed an online survey asking them to rank their interest in topics related to psychedelic therapy, research, legal obstacles, barriers to incorporating psychedelics in practice, and terminology related to the field. Results showed that providers want more clearly defined terminology and operating procedures concerning business matters such as malpractice and clinic guidelines, legal and ethical clarity on administering psychedelics in private practice and integration work, and further opportunities for psychedelic therapy training. The survey responses were reflected upon through the legal and ethical lens of the current psychedelic landscape. 


Key Words: psychedelic integration, psychedelic practice, ethics, harm reduction, therapy