2020 Articles

Volume 2 Issue 1


Psilocybin Assisted Psychotherapy Protocol

Gershom Hernandez, M.D.

Volume 2 Issue 1

Abstract: Psychotherapy protocols have been established for psychedelic-assisted therapy. No such protocol for psilocybin assisted psychotherapy is currently available. This paper aims to produce a protocol for psilocybin assisted psychotherapy for treatment-resistant depression that is in line with current methods and protocols, and one that includes an evidence-based treatment framework.

Methods: Pub med search for evidence-based therapies for depression and review of currently existing protocols for psychedelic-assisted therapies.

Results: A potential protocol for psilocybin assisted therapy to serve as a framework for future studies and to further discussion. More research is required to determine the most efficacious forms of therapy in combination with the potential of psychedelics.