2021 Articles
Volume 3 Issue 4


Successful Self-Medication of a Major Depressive Episode with Repeated Administration of LSD: A Case Report

Jennifer Lyke, PhD and Trey Brasher, BS

Volume 3 Issue 4


This report describes the successful treatment of Major Depression by self-medicating with LSD. The subject of this case was a young, Caucasian, unmarried man who matches the demographic characteristics of people most likely to self-medicate and those most likely to use psychedelic drugs. Details of the participant’s experience are helpful in understanding many aspects of psychedelic self-administration. They may also apply to other cases, such as psychosocial factors that contributed to developing depressive symptoms; history and symptoms of the disorder; prior substance abuse history; rationale for self-medication; choice of drug and strategy; psychological mechanisms for symptom alleviation; possible adverse effects; other psychosocial consequences; and follow-up experiences and reflections since self-medication.

KEYWORDS: LSD, Major Depression, self-medication, case study