2022 Articles
Volume 4 Issue 1

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Suicide Prevention and Emerging Interventions: Implications for Psychedelic Substances

Tyler Kjorvestad, MD

Volume 4 Issue 1



Suicide rates in The United States have increased by 30% over the last two decades. Current risk stratification tools are overly broad and limit their clinical implementation and predictive capacity. Likewise, suicide prevention interventions are limited, and most commonly proposed interventions lack sufficient evidence to support their widespread use. This paper sets out the 3-Ms model for suicide prevention utilizing mitigation, means restriction, and medication measures. It reviews the current supporting literature for each of these major groups. Finally, this article discuss the potential practice changing impact that psychedelics could have on effectively managing suicide, whether that is as a single administered compound or in combination with psychotherapy in the form of psychedelic assisted psychotherapy.


KEYWORDS: suicide, suicide prevention, psychedelics, psychedelic assisted psychotherapy