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2023 Articles

Volume 5 Issue 1

Balancing Access and Safety in the Field of Psychedelic Therapy

Tyler Kjorvestad, M.D.

Volume 5 Issue 1

Patient-Provider Racial Concordance in Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy: A Call for Research and Action

Mark Fusunyan, M.D.
Ripal Shah, M.D., MPH

Volume 5 Issue 1

Worsening of OCD Symptoms after Psilocybin: A Case Report

Annabella Gallagher B.S., Joseph Pullara M.D.

Volume 5 Issue 2

On the Role of Mysticism in Psychedelic Therapy and Research

Richard H. Jones, Ph.D.; J.D.

Volume 5 Issue 2

Psilocybin Treatment Plan for Major Depressive Disorder: Microdosing vs. Macrodsoing

Kevin Enabulele, M.D.

Volume 5 Issue 2

Ketamine: Catalyst for Paradigm Change in Mental Health

Scott Shannon, M.D. FAACAP

Volume 5 Issue 3

Neuroinflammation and Depression: Kynurenine Pathway, BDNF, and the Implications for Psychedelic Therapies

Alicia McCullough, DO, Tyler Kjorvestad, MD

Volume 5 Issue 3

Long-Term Effects of Ketamine Infusions in Comparison to Combination Therapy involving additional rTMS, Neurofeedback and Psychotherapy: A Retrospective Survey Study of Subjective Effects

Johanna Kreßner, BS, Anja Frank, MA, Mario Scheib MD

Volume 5 Issue 3

The Psychedelic Handbook, by Rick Strassman: A Review

Gershom Hernandez, MD

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