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Publication of an original manuscript that has not been published elsewhere may be considered for publication. Any form of publication is considered a prior publication. An abstract of no more than 400 words is not considered prior publication, unless the full article has been published elsewhere. Authors submitting manuscripts with data similar to findings previously published must provide the editors with a detailed explanation as to how data set differs from previous publications.  


Registration of all clinical trials in a public trials registry is required before any consideration regarding publication will be given. A registry should be free and widely available and confirmation of registration data should be readily available and easy to find online. For an example of an acceptable registry please see

Please included registration information on the cover letter and any clinical trials information should be included at the conclusion of the abstract. The Author is responsible for obtaining registration prior to enrollment. Enrollment documentation needs to occur prior to or at the time of patient enrollment. Clinical trials are defined as any research that enrolls human subjects and prospectively assigns those patients to either a treatment group or a placebo or standard of care group. The goal of this type of research is to analyze the cause-and-effect relationship between the selected treatment and the subsequent outcomes. Phase I Clinical Trials designed to look into the pharmacokinetic qualities or toxicities of medication are exempted from these requirements.  If a trial did not register prior to initiation then to be considered for publication other supporting documentation from alternative regulatory bodies (IRB) will need to be submitted and explained within the methods section of the article.  

Extreme care should be taken to ensure a patient's autonomy for all forms of research ranging from clinical trials to case reports. Any potentially protected healthcare information should be withheld including names, initials, hospital numbers, and dates. When disguising information it should be clearly noted in the article, especially regarding a patient's medical history and physical features. 

Any research conducted on human subjects must contain a statement that written informed consent was obtained after a thorough discussion of the risk and benefits of the proposed treatment intervention. Written informed consent or IRB approval is required prior to editorial board review. 


All manuscripts will receive an initial review by the Journal of Psychedelic Psychiatry Editor(s) to determine originality, validity, and value for publication. The authors will be sent reviewer comments. Manuscripts with either be sent to peer review or sent to the author for editing and further review. All reviewers will remain anonymous. 


Here at the Journal of Psychedelic Psychiatry, we believe that broad access to manuscripts accepted for publication will contribute more meaningfully to knowledge and to progress in this field. All manuscripts accepted will be published online on


Abstracts will be posted on the above website with links to the full article. All material submitted and approved for the final publication will be fully accessible by the general public. 

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